“As a teacher it is imperative that I regularly practice Pilates and with Lisa I have been able to do this with her teaching me twice a week in her beautiful studio. Lisa’s love and dedication to Pilates shines through in her teaching and I always leave the studio feeling physically challenged and inspired by her words. It is with Lisa’s continued help and advise over the years that I have been able to develop into the teacher that I am today. By sharing our knowledge and thoughts Lisa and I are able to develop and grow as teachers and I am excited about our Pilates future!”
Katie Lowe (Pilates Teacher)

“As a complete Pilates novice, and someone who has at times struggled with back and hip problems, a combination of Lisa’s experience and passion, plus a very impressively equipped studio, has really helped me to improve both my posture and flexibility. Very highly recommended, and be prepared to work hard !”
Mark Trustum

“As a Doctor with a special interest in sport and exercise medicine, working in Guernsey for the last 23 years, sign posting my patients to the appropriate Pilates coach is vital.
I’ve known and worked with Lisa for over 15 years and she’s enthusiastically helped numerous patients of mine recover from and avoid injuries. Empowering people to maximise their performance in all walks of life is a special talent of Lisa’s. I trust her professionalism and expertise acquired over many years of hard work and experience. She comes highly recommended”
Dr Bill Barker MB BS DA MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM). Queens Road Medical Practice.

“Lisa somehow makes me forget that what I’m doing is actually exercise and good for me which is remarkable”

“Count yourself lucky if you have been fortunate to find Lisa – she is a wonderful teacher !
Her deepl knowledge of Pilates and her continuing endeavour to constantly improve it will mean that you are encouraged to find the true depth of each exercise that you are given and she will continue to help you find the best form in these exercises to improve your strength, balance and efficiency in the use of your body – and she will make sure that you have fun doing so.
She is a powerhouse of strength and has an infectious personality that assist her teaching ensuring that you have fun whilst challenging yourself to find your best you”
Alison Goodman (Studio Owner Pilates Nation, London)

“I initially started pilates to help build my core strength for running and rowing and nearly ten years on, I haven’t looked back. I have seen huge benefits in terms of improving my core strength, posture and overall wellbeing. I particularly enjoy the classical method that Lisa teaches, the progression with the repertoire and the physical challenge – yes, pilates can make you sweat! Lisa is an excellent teacher, her patience and individual attention are second to none.
Pilates is challenging, rewarding and fun. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go and find their own passion for pilates”
Cath Peet

“I started pilates with Lisa several years ago, mainly due to low back discomfort, which was soon alleviated. Having continued with the pilates, I really felt the benefits beyond just improving my back. Not only an improvement with strengthening my core, but also with my cycling. With cycling being such a one dimensional sport, I found Lisa’s pilates was hugely beneficial for working on muscle firing patterns and injury prevention. Lisa was fantastic in keeping a watchful eye throughout each movement during classes to make sure that the right form and technique was being throughout each exercises. I quickly noticed an improvement with my pilates techniques and my back discomfort. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa’s pilates to anyone”
Tobyn Horton Pro Cyclist, Madison Genesis

“Following hip replacement surgery Lisa’s pilates mat classes and studio sessions have enabled me to achieve levels of fitness and flexibility I never thought possible. I now play tennis, cycle and can even ski! Lisa’s passion and energy for pilates is evident in every class and she has inspired and motivated me to achieve wonderful results. I can’t thank her enough!”
Nicky Bachmann